CURRENT FIRE RISK - LOW - Burn hours are from 6AM to 11AM with current burning permit.


Effective May, 3, 2021 - Burning is allowed 6am-11am with valid permit. No large Brush piles or Slash piles in any ODF protected lands.

CURRENT FIRE RISK - LOW - No Burning Allowed.  Total Burn Ban in Hood River County until October 30, 2022, unless a week of heavy rain before then. No burning allowed in ODF protected Lands or within ¼ mile till further notice.


Wy’East Fire District is staffed by two full-time paid personnel, the Fire Chief and a Training Officer, and approximately 45 regular volunteers. The department is made up of four active companies, each with a Captain, Lieutenant, Engineer, and firefighters. Company 5 is made up of personnel who provide support to the fire district. The Board of Directors is elected by the community. The Chief is hired by the Board of Directors. The remaining officers are appointed by the Chief and Assistant Chiefs. Firefighters are assigned to companies based on company size and need.

Board of Directors

Larry Packer, President
Chad Muenzer, Vice President
Rob Graves, Secretary
Dr. Dick Virk, Treasurer
Craig Mallon

Company Officers and Firefighters

Chief: Greg Borton
Assistant Chief: Bill Baskins
Assistant Chief: Dwight Moe

Company 1

Captain: Lee Lage – EMR
Lieutenant: Nasario Rosas – EMR
Rochelle Packer – EMT-I
Brianna Peterson – EMT
Ashley Murillo
Jonathan Jones
Aubrey Davis
Temo Rivera
Kyle Smiley

Company 2

Captain: Tiffany Peterson – EMT-I
Lieutenant: John Stehlik – EMR
Engineer: Dale Byers
Chris Spengler – AEMT
Devon Wells – EMT-P
Cele Valle
Brandon Smiley
JR Roberts
Jose Cisneros
Daryn Peters

Company 3

Captain: Joey Sheirbon
Lieutenant: Karl Smiley – EMT
Engineer: Chrystal Bruce – EMT
Rob Graves – EMT-P
Leta Riggleman – EMR
Tanner Fletcher – EMT
Robert Riggleman
Dustin Zerkel
Emily Lage
Angela Holcomb – EMT-P

Company 4

Captain: Jon Laraway – EMT-I
Lieutenant: Ted Pounders – EMR
Engineer: Bruce Moore
Ryan Dethman – EMR
Manuel Mozqueda – EMR
Eric Wang – EMT
Nora Rojas
Emmanuel Gamboa
Jesus Grajeda
Bryce Jacobson
Student – Travis Lage

Company 5

Kenny Morikado
Katie Smiley
Steve Bickford
Mike Goe

Join Our Team

Wy’East Volunteer Fire & EMS volunteer application forms can be obtained from the Fire Chief at the Odell Station (541-354-1648) or through any Officer of the Wy’East Fire District. 

Get in Touch

If you'd like to send us a non emergency question or comment use our contact form. We will respond as quickly as possible. To reach us by phone call: (541) 354-1648.
For emergencies only call 911

Station Locations


3431 Odell Highway

Odell, OR 97031



2995 Van Horn Drive

Hood River, OR 97031


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